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Illinois Topographic Map List

How to use this map list

Within this list, maps are grouped by scale and then alphabetically by map name. The listing for each map includes the stock number (a unique number needed to help process an order) and the map name printed on the map (corresponding to the name shown on the index).

1:24,000/1:25,000 Scale

Stock No. Map Name Date

Stock No. Map Name Date
IL0909 Abingdon
IL0002 Adair
IL0003 Addieville
IL0004 Akin
IL0006 Albion NW
IL0005 Albion North
IL0007 Albion South
IL0008 Aledo East
IL0009 Aledo West
IL1132 Alexander
IL0922 Alexis
IL0931 Allerton
IL1141 Alsey [PV]
IL1271 Aitamont East
IL0011 Altamont West
IL0012 Alton
IL0013 Arabia
IL0897 Araboy
IL0015 Ames
IL0016 Andalusia
IL0017 Andover
IL0018 Anna
IL1248 Annapolis
IL1164 Annawan
IL0021 Antioch
IL1109 Appleton
IL0948 Arcola
IL1135 Arenzville East
IL1139 Arenzville West
IL0024 Argenta
IL0025 Arlington Heights
IL0026 Armington
IL0940 Arrowsmith
IL0947 Arthur
IL1133 Ashland
IL0029 Ashley
IL0927 Ashmore

IL0030 Ashton
IL0031 Assumption
IL0032 Astoria
IL0033 Athens
IL1197 Athensville
IL0034 Atkinson
IL0035 Atwater
IL0970 Atwood
IL0037 Augusta
IL0040 Aurora North
IL0041 Aurora South
IL0042 Ava
IL0043 Avena
IL0045 Avon
IL0046 Bald Knob
IL0047 Baldwin
IL0048 Banner
IL0049 Bardolph
IL0051 Barrington
IL0052 Barry
IL0053 Bath
IL0054 Baylis
IL0056 Beardstown
IL0058 Beaucoup
IL0059 Beaver Creek
IL0060 Beaverville
IL0061 Beckemeyer
IL0062 Bedford
IL0063 Beecher City
IL0064 Beecher East
IL0065 Beecher West
IL0066 Belle Prairie City
IL0939 Bellflower
IL0067 Belvidere NE
IL0069 Belvidere NW
IL 0000Belvidere North
IL0070 Belvidere South
IL0941 Bement
IL1182 Benson
IL0074 Bentley
IL0075 Berryville
IL1120 Berwick
IL0076 Berwyn
IL0077 Bethalto
IL0078 Big Rock
IL0079 Biggs
IL0080 Bingham
IL0081 Birds
IL0082 Bismarck
IL0083 Blackhawk
IL1103 Blackstone
IL0084 Blanchard Island
IL0085 Blandinsville
IL0086 Bloomfield
IL0087 Bloomington East
IL0068 Bloomington West
IL0089 Blue Island
IL0090 Bluford
IL0091 Blyton
IL0092 Bondville
IL0093 Bone Gap
IL0094 Bonfield
IL1281 Boone Branch
IL0095 Boulder
IL0096 Bourbonnais
IL0097 Bowen
IL1210 Boyer Creek
IL0098 Boyleston
IL1167 Bradford
IL0099 Bradley
IL0100 Breese
IL1209 Brighton
IL0102 Broadwell
IL0925 Brocton
IL1191 Brookville
IL0103 Broughton
IL0104 Brownfield
IL1268 Brownstown
IL0106 Brussels
IL0107 Buckingham
IL1282 Buckley
IL1283 Buckley NW
IL1163 Buda
IL1156 Buda NE
IL0110 Buffalo Prairie
IL0111 Bungay
IL0112 Bunker Hill
IL0113 Burnside
IL0114 Burnt Prairie
IL0115 Bushnell East
IL0116 Bushnell West
IL0117 Butler
IL1284 Cabery
IL0118 Cache
IL0945 Cadwell
IL0119 Cahokia
IL0121 Cairo
IL0122 Caledonia
IL0123 Calumet City
IL0124 Cambridge
IL0125 Camden
IL1121 Cameron
IL0126 Camp Point
IL1090 Campus
IL0128 Canton
IL0129 Capron
IL0130 Carbondale
IL0132 Carlinville East
IL0133 Carlinville West
IL0134 Carlyle
IL0136 Carrel
IL0137 Carrier Mills
IL1208 Carrollton
IL0139 Carthage East
IL0140 Carthage West
IL1226 Casey
IL1168 Castleton

IL0142 Centerville
IL0143 Centralia East
IL0144 Centralia West
IL0965 Cerro Gordo
IL0145 Chana
IL0147 Chandlerville
IL0149 Channahon
IL1147 Chapin
IL0923 Charleston North
IL1223 Charleston South
IL0150 Chatham
IL1093 Chatsworth North
IL1285 Chatsworth South
IL0151 Chauncey
IL1286 Chenoa
IL0152 Cherry Valley
IL0153 Chester
IL0154 Chestnut
IL0157 Chicago Loop
IL0158 Chillicothe
IL0159 Chrisman
IL0160 Christopher
IL0161 Cisne
IL1287 Cissna Park
IL0163 Claremont
IL1229 Clark Center
IL0164 Clarksdale
IL1222 Clarksville
IL0165 Clay City
IL0166 Clayton
IL1288 Claytonville
IL0167 Clear Lake
IL1289 Clifton
IL0169 Clinton
IL0170 Coal City
IL0171 Coal Valley
IL0172 Coatsburg
IL0173 Cobden
IL0174 Coffeen
IL0175 Colchester
IL1290 Coifax
IL0177 Collinsville
IL0178 Collison
IL0179 Columbia
IL0180 Columbus
IL0181 Colusa
IL1291 Como
IL0182 Compton
IL1148 Concord
IL0952 Cooks Mills
IL1292 Cooksville
IL0183 Cooperstown
IL0184 Cordova
IL0937 Cornland 77
IL0185 Coulterville 80
IL0186 Crab Orchard 90
IL0187 Crab Orchard Lake [91]
IL0188 Creal Springs [76]
IL1293 Crescent City 85
IL0189 Creston [88]
IL0190 Crisp 73
IL0191 Crossville 74
IL0192 Crystal Lake 91
IL1095 Cullom [Pr] 80
IL0194 Cypress [76]
IL0195 Dahlgren 74
IL0196 Dakota [77]
IL0953 Dalton City 81
IL1181 Dana 79
IL0198 Danvers [91]

IL0199 Danville NE [87]

IL0142 Centerville 74
IL0143 Centralia East [81]
IL0144 Centralia West [81]
IL0965 Cerro Gordo [PV] 81
IL0145 Chana 75
IL0147 Chandlerville 78
IL0149 Channahon 91
IL1147 Chapin [PV] 79
IL0923 Charleston North [Pv] 81
IL1223 Charleston South [PV] 83
IL0150 Chatham 76
IL1093 Chatsworth North [PV] 80
IL1285 Chatsworth South [PV] 85
IL0151 Chauncey [77]
IL1286 Chenoa [PV] 85
IL0152 Cherry Valley [88]
IL0153 Chester [91]
IL0154 Chestnut [91]
IL0157 Chicago Loop [92]
IL0158 Chillicothe [90]
IL0159 Chrisman 66
IL0160 Christopher [91]
IL0161 Cisne 70
IL1287 Cissna Park [PV] 85
IL0163 Claremont [77]
IL1229 Clark Center [PV] 83
IL0164 Clarksdale 77
IL1222 Clarksville [PV] 83
IL0165 Clay City 70
IL0166 Clayton 77
IL1288 Claytonville [PV] 85
IL0167 Clear Lake 78
IL1289 Clifton 85
IL0169 Clinton 78
IL0170 Coal City 91
IL0171 Coal Valley 89
IL0172 Coatsburg [91]
IL0173 Cobden [91]
IL0174 Coffeen 74
IL0175 Colchester 74
IL1290 Coifax [PV] 85
IL0177 Collinsville 88
IL0178 Collison [77]
IL0179 Columbia 89
IL0180 Columbus 77
IL0181 Colusa 64
IL1291 Como [PV] 82
IL0182 Compton [92]
IL1148 Concord 79
IL0952 Cooks Mills 81
IL1292 Cooksville 85
IL0183 Cooperstown 76
IL0184 Cordova 88
IL0937 Cornland 77
IL0185 Coulterville 80
IL0186 Crab Orchard 90
IL0187 Crab Orchard Lake [91]
IL0188 Creal Springs [76]
IL1293 Crescent City 85
IL0189 Creston [88]
IL0190 Crisp 73
IL0191 Crossville 74
IL0192 Crystal Lake 91
IL1095 Cullom [Pr] 80
IL0194 Cypress [76]
IL0195 Dahlgren 74
IL0196 Dakota [77]
IL0953 Dalton City 81
IL1181 Dana 79
IL0198 Danvers [91]

IL0200 Danville NW 78
IL0201 Danville SE [87]
IL0202 Danville SW 77
IL0203 Darrow [87]
IL1214 Daum 80
IL0204 Davis [88]
IL1190 Daysville 81
IL0205 De Kalb [88]
IL1116 De Long [90]
IL0206 De Soto 76
IL0207 De Witt 78
IL0208 Decatur 75
IL0210 Delavan North [91]
IL0211 Delavan South [91]
IL0212 Dennison [92]
IL0213 Depue [93]
IL1272 Dieterich [Pv] 83
IL0215 Divernon [91]
IL1198 Dixon East [Pv] 81
IL1204 Dixon West [PV] 81
IL0217 Doddsville 74
IL0218 Dongola [90]
IL0219 Donovan [87]
IL0220Du Quoin [81]
IL0221Duck Island 96
IL0222Duncan Mills 47
IL1265Dundas [PV] 83
IL0224Dunlap 77
IL0226Durand [88]
IL1096Dwight [Pv] 80
IL0228Dyer 88
IL0229Earlville [68]
IL0949East Lynn [PV] 80

IL0230 Easton [91]
IL1242 Eaton [PV] 83
IL1274 Eberle [PV] 83
IL0231 Eddyville [76]
IL0910 Edelstein [90]
IL1239 Edgewood [PV] 83
IL0908 Edinburg [93]
IL0233 Edwardsville 88
IL1277 Effingham North [PV] 83
IL1279 Effingham South [PV] 83
IL0235 El Paso 77
IL0236 Eiburn 91
IL0238 Eldorado [76]
IL0240 Elgin 91
IL0242 Eliza 88
IL0243 Elizabeth [88]
IL0244 Elizabeth NE [88]
IL0245 Elkville 76
IL0246 Elmhurst 92
IL1162 Elmira [PV] [93]
IL0958 Elmwood [90]
IL0248 Elsah 91
IL0249 Elwood 91
IL0250 Eraden 76
IL0251 Emma [93]
IL0252 Enfield 74
IL0254 Englewood 92
IL0255 Enterprise 70
IL0257 Equality 90
IL0259 Erie 80
IL0260 Erie NW 80
IL0261 Erwin 76
IL0262 Essex 80
IL0263 Eureka [91]
IL0264 Evanston [93]
IL0265 Evansville 80
IL0266 Ewing 74
IL1295 Fair Haven [PV] 82
IL1294 Fairbury [Pv] 85
IL0267 Fairdale [88]
IL0268 Fairfield 71
IL0269 Fairman [81]
IL0270 Fairview 74
IL0271 Fanchar 79
IL0272 Fandon 74
IL0942 Farmer City North [90]
IL0273 Farmer City South [90]
IL0274 Farmersvilla 77
IL0275 Farmingdale 76
IL0276 Farmington East [91]
IL0277 Farmington West [91]
IL0278 Fiatt [91]
IL0279 Fillmore 74
IL0950 Findlay 81
IL0973 Fisher [90]
IL0280 Fishhook 76
IL1196 Flanagan North 78
IL1184 Flanagan SW 78
IL1249 Flanagan South 78
IL0283 Flat Rock [77]
IL0284 Flatvilla [90]
IL0285 Flora 70
IL0286 Florence 76
IL0287 Florid [93]
IL1254 Foosland [90]
IL0288 Forest City [91]
IL1092 Forrest North 80
IL1296 Forrest South 85
IL1183 Forreston North 81
IL1186 Forreston South 81
IL0290 Forsyth 75
IL0291 Fountain Green 74
IL0292 Fox Lake 92
IL0293 Frankfort 88
IL1137 Franklin [PV] 79
IL1174 Franklin Grove 81
IL0294 Freeburg 88
IL0295 Freeport East
IL0296 Freeport West
IL0297 French Village [88]
IL0298 Funks Grove
IL0299 Galatia
IL0301 Galena
IL1117 Galesburg East
IL1115 Galesburg West
IL0304 Galva
IL0305 Garden Prairie
IL1091 Gardner
IL0306 Geff
IL0307 Geneseo
IL0308 Geneva
IL0309 Genoa
IL0310 Georgetown
IL0311 German Corner
IL1187 German Valley
IL0312 Germantown Hills
IL0974 Gibson City East
IL1104 Gibson City West
IL1251 Gifford
IL0315 Gillespie North
IL0316 Gillespie South
IL1297 Gilman [PV]
IL1128 Gladstone
IL0318 Glasford
IL0320 Glendale
IL0321 Golden Gate
IL0323 Good Hope
IL0324 Goreville
IL0325 Gorham
IL1438 Grafton
IL1201 Grand Detour
IL0933 Grandview
IL0326 Granite City
IL0331Green Rock
IL0332 Greenbush
IL0912Grove City
IL0341 Hagarstown
IL0901 Hahhaman
IL0342 Hamburg
IL0343 Hamilton
IL0968 Hammond
IL0344 Hampshire
IL0345 Hanna City

IL0346 Hanover
IL0347 Harco
IL0349 Hardin
IL0900 Harmon
IL0350 Harmony
IL0352 Harrisburg
IL0956 Harristown
IL0353 Harvard
IL0354 Harvey
IL0355 Havana
IL1240 Hazel Dell
IL1194 Hazelhurst
IL0356 Heathsville
IL0357 Hebron
IL0358 Henning
IL0359 Henry
IL0360 Herod
IL0361 Herrick
IL0362 Herrin
IL0363 Herscher
IL1200 Hettick
IL0364 Heyworth
IL0365 Highland
IL0366 Highland Park
IL0368 Hillsboro
IL0369 Hillsdale
IL0370 Hinckley
IL0905 Hindsboro
IL0371 Hinsdale
IL0372 Holder
IL0373 Homer
IL0374 Hoopeston
IL0903 Hooppole
IL0375 Hopedale
IL1241 Hord
IL0376 Hoyleton
IL0377 Hull
IL0951 Humboldt
IL0934 Hume
IL0378 Humrick
IL0379 Huntley
IL0381 Hutsonville
IL0383 Illiana Heights
IL0387 Ina
IL0388 Industry
IL0389 Ipava
IL0390 Irvington
IL0391 luka
IL0930 Ivesdale
IL0392 Jackson Park
IL1134 Jacksonville
IL1189 Jerseyville North
IL1213 Jerseyville South
IL0395 Johnsonville
IL0396 Johnston City
IL1232 Johnstown
IL0397 Joliet
IL0399 Jonesboro
IL0400 Joppa
IL0401 Joy
IL0402 Kampsville
IL0403 Kankakee
IL0926 Kansas
IL0405 Karbers Ridge
IL0406 Karnak
IL0407 Kaskaskia
IL1414 Keensburg
IL1127 Keithsburg
IL0409 Kell
IL0410 Kellerville
IL0411 Kenney
IL0413 Kent
IL1165 Kewanee North
IL1172 Kewanee South
IL0415 Keyesport
IL0417 Kilbourne
IL0915 Kincaid
IL0418 Kings
IL1268 Kinmundy
IL1108 Kinsman
IL0420 Kirkland
IL0929 Kirksville
IL1118 Kirkwood East
IL1124 Kirkwood West
IL0421 Kishwaukee
IL1298 L'Erable
IL1161 La Fayette
IL0423 La Harpe
IL1299 La Hogue
IL0424 La Moille
IL0967 La Place
IL1171 La Prairie Center
IL1176 La Rose
IL0425 La Salle
IL0426 Lacon
IL0427 Ladd
IL0428 Lake Calumet
IL0911 Lake Fork
IL0429 Lake Mt. Sterling
IL0430 Lake Zurich
IL0431 Lakewood
IL1300 Lanark [m/]
IL0432 Lancaster
IL0433 Landes
IL0916 Latham [93]
IL1260 Latona
IL0906 Laura
IL0434 Lawrenceville
IL0435 Le Roy
IL0437 Lebanon
IL0438 Lee
IL0439 Leesville
IL0440 Leiand
IL0441 Lena
IL1154 Leonore
IL0442 Lewistown
IL0443 Lexington
IL0445 Liberty
IL0446 Libertyville
IL0447 Lick Creek

IL0448 Lima
IL0450 Lincoln East
IL0451 Lincoln West
IL0452 Lisbon
IL0455 Litchfield
IL1138 Literberry
IL0921 Little York
IL0456 Loami
IL0457 Lomax
IL0458 Lombard
IL0459 London Mills
IL0460 Long Creek
IL0461 Long Island
IL1168 Long Point
IL0918 Longview
IL1247 Loogootee
IL0462 Loraine
IL1301 Loran
IL1267 Louisville East
IL1243 Louisville West
IL0946 Lovington
IL1142 Lynnville
IL0463 Macedonia
IL0464 Mackinaw
IL0465 Macomb
IL0969 Macon East
IL0919 Macon West
IL0467 Mahomet
IL0468 Makanda
IL0469 Malden
IL1144 Manchester
IL0470 Manhattan
IL0472 Manito
IL1157 Manlius
IL0473 Mansfield
IL0474 Maple Park
IL1112 Maquon
IL0476 Marblehead
IL0477 Marengo North
IL0478 Marengo South

Stock No. Map Name
IL0479 Marine
IL0480 Marion
IL0482 Maroa
IL0483 Marquette Heights
IL0484 Marseilles
IL0485 Marshall
IL0486 Mascoutah
IL0488 Mason City
IL0489 Matherville
IL1220 Mattoon East
IL1224 Mattoon West
IL0491 Maunie
IL1089 Mazon
IL0495 Mc Clure
IL0492 Mc Henry
IL0496 Mc Lean
IL0494 Mc Leansboro
IL1169 Mc Nabb
IL0913 Mechanicsburg
IL1205 Medora
IL1302 Melvin East
IL1303 Melvin West
IL0499 Mendon
IL0502 Mendota East
IL0902 Mendota West
IL0503 Menominee
IL0504 Meredosia
IL0507 Mermet
IL0508 Merna
IL0509 Metamora
IL0510 Metropolis
IL0511 Middlesworth
IL0512 Middletown
IL0514 Milan
IL0515 Milford
IL0516 Mill Creek
IL1304 Milledgeville
IL0517 Millstadt
IL0518 Milton
IL1159 Mineral
IL0520 Minier
IL1153 Minonk

Stock No. Map Name Date
IL0522 Minooka
IL0523 Mokena
IL0524 Momence
IL0525 Monks Mound
IL1123 Monmouth
IL0527 Monticello
IL1237 Moriah
IL0530 Morris
IL1305 Morrison
IL0532 Morrisonville
IL0533 Morton
IL0938 Mount Auburn
IL0535 Mount Carmel
IL0538 Mount Erie
IL1185 Mount Morris
IL0538 Mount Olive
IL0539 Mount Pulaski
IL0542 Mount Vernon
IL1306 Mt. Carroll [PV]
IL0544 Mt. Pleasant
IL0546 Mt. Sterling
IL0547 Mulberry Grove
IL0924 Murdock
IL0548 Murphysboro
IL0549 Naperville
IL0551 Nashville
IL0552 Natrona
IL0554 Nekoma
IL1219 Neoga
IL1158 Neponset
IL0555 New Athens East
IL0556 New Athens West
IL0899 New Bedford
IL1146 New Berlin
IL0557 New City
IL0559 New Douglas

Stock No. Map Name Date
IL0560 New Haven
IL0561 New Haven SW
IL0562 New Holland
IL0563 New Salem
IL0564 New Windsor
IL0565 Newark
IL0935 Newman
IL0567 Newmansville
IL1262 Newton
IL0917 Niantic
IL0570 Niota
IL0571 Noble
IL0572 Nokomis
IL0574 Nokomis SW
IL0576 Normal East
IL0577 Normal West
IL0578 Normantown
IL0579 Norris City
IL0975 North Henderson
IL1105 Northeast Pontiac
IL1098 Northwest Pontiac
IL1136 Nortonville
IL0580 Nutwood
IL0581 O'Fallon
IL0582 Oak Hill
IL0583 Oakdale
IL0584 Oakford
IL0954 Oakland
IL0586 Oakwood
IL0964 Obed
IL1238 Oblong North
IL0587 Oblong South
IL0588 Oconee
IL1107 OdeIl
IL0590 Ohio
IL0591 Ohlman
IL0592 Okawville
IL0593 OImsted
IL0595 Olney
IL0596 Omega
IL1307 Onarga East

Stock No. Map Name Date
IL1308 Onarga West
IL1111 Oneida
IL0597 Opdyke
IL1126 Oquawka
IL0599 Orangeville
IL0600 Oraville
IL0601 Orchardville
IL1195 Oregon
IL0603 Orion
IL1263 Oskaloosa
IL0604 Ottawa
IL1216 Otterville
IL0606 Owaneco
IL0607 Paderborn
IL0608 Paducah NE
IL0609 Palatine
IL0610 Palmyra
IL0611 Palos Park
IL0613 Pana
IL0614 Paris North
IL0615 Paris South
IL0616 Park Ridge
IL0617 Patoka
IL0618 Paw Paw
IL0619 Pawnee
IL1258 Paxton
IL0621 Payson
IL0623 Pearl City
IL0624 Pearl East
IL0625 Pearl West
IL0626 Pecatonica
IL0627 Pekin
IL1257 Penfield
IL0628 Peoria East
IL0629 Peoria West
IL0630 Peotone
IL0631 Percy
IL1245 Perdueville
IL0632 Perry East
IL0633 Perry West
IL0634 Petersburg

Stock No. Map Name
IL0636 Pinckneyville
IL0637 Pingme Grove
IL1309 Piper City
IL1310 Piper City NE
IL0639 Pittsburg
IL0640 Pittsfield
IL0643 Plainfield
IL0644 Plainview
IL0645 Piano
IL0646 Plattville
IL0647 Pleasant Dale Valley
IL0648 Pleasant Hill East
IL0649 Pleasant Hill West
IL0650 Pleasant Mound
IL0651 Pleasant Plains
IL1311 Pleasant Valley
IL0652 Plymouth
IL0653 Pocahontas
IL1177 Polo
IL0654 Pomona
IL0656 Port Byron
IL1234 Potomac
IL0658 Prairie Center
IL0659 Prairie Du Rocher
IL0660 Prairietown
IL1130 Prentice
IL0661 Princeton North
IL0662 Princeton South
IL0907 Princeville
IL0961 Prophetstown
IL0664 Pulaski
IL0665 Putnam
IL0666 Pyatts
IL0667 Quincy East
IL0668 Quincy West
IL0669 Raddle
IL0671 Ramsey
IL0672 Ramsey Lake
IL1235 Rankin
IL1106 Ransom
IL1246 Rantoul
IL0673 Raritan


Stock No. Map Name
IL0674 Ray
IL0675 Raymond
IL0677 Raymond NE
IL0678 Red Bud
IL0936 Redmon
IL0679 Reevesville
IL0680 Renault

IL0682 Rend Lake Dam
IL0683 Reynolds
IL0684 Richfield
IL0685 Richmond
IL0686 Ridgway
IL0687 Ridoff
IL0688 Riley
IL0689 Ripley
IL0690 Rising
IL0691 River Forest
IL1175 Roanoke
IL0693 Rochelle
IL0695 Rockford North
IL0696 Rockford South
IL0697 Rockport
IL0698 Rockwood
IL0914 Rome
IL0699 Romeoville
IL1207 Roodhouse East
IL1188 Roodhouse West
IL1255 Rose Hill
IL0700 Roseville
IL0701 Rosiclare
IL0702 Royal
IL1119 Rozetta
IL0703 Rudement
IL0706 Rushville North
IL0708 Rushville South
IL0709 Russellville
IL0710 Sag Bridge
IL1273 Sailor Springs
IL0714 Salem North
IL0715 Salem South
IL0716 Saline Mines

Stock No. Map Name
IL0717 Salisbury
IL0718 Sandford
IL1094 Saunemin
IL0721 Savanna
IL0968 Saybrook
IL0722 Scales Mound East
IL0723 Scales Mound West
IL0724 Scottland
IL1211 Scottville
IL1110 Seaton
IL0725 Secor
IL0726 Selma
IL0727 Seneca
IL0728 Serena
IL0729 Sesser
IL1180 Seward
IL0730 Seymour
IL0731 Shabbona Grove
IL1179 Shannon
IL0733 Shawneetown
IL0735 Shelbyville
IL0736 Sheldon
IL0737 Sheridan
IL0738 Shetlerville
IL0739 Shields
IL1206 Shipman
IL0740 Shirland
IL1275 Shumway
IL1312 Sibley
IL0932 SideIl
IL0741 Silvis
IL0742 Smithfield
IL0743 Snyder
IL0744 Somonauk
IL0745 Sorento North
IL0746 Sorento South
IL0747 South Beloit
IL0748 South Pekin
IL1097 Southeast Pontiac

Stock No. Map Name
IL1099 Southwest Pontiac
IL0749 Spring Bay
IL0750 Spring Garden
IL0751 Spring Hill
IL0752 Spring Valley
IL0753 Springerton
IL0754 Springfield East
IL0755 Springfield West
IL0756 St. Anne
IL0713 St. David
IL0758 St. Francisville
IL0759 St. Jacob
IL0760 St. Joseph
IL0761 St. Libory
IL1253 St. Paul
IL0762 St. Rose
IL0763 Stanford
IL0764 Starved Rock
IL0765 Stavanger
IL1259 Ste. Marie
IL0768 Steeleville
IL0767 Steger
IL1192 Sterling
IL0769 Steward
IL0771 Stewardson East
IL0772 Stewardson West
IL0773 Stillman Valley
IL0774 Stockland
IL0775 Stockton
IL0776 Stolletown
IL0777 Stonefort
IL0920 Stonington
IL0778 Stoy
IL0779 Streamwood
IL1151 Streator North
IL1152 Streetor South
IL0781 Stronghurst
IL0782 Sublette
IL0783 Sugar Grove
IL0943 Sullivan
IL0785 Summer Hill

Stock No. Map Name
IL0786 Summerville
IL0787 Sumner
IL0788 Sutter
IL0789 Sycamore
IL0790 Symerton
IL0791 Tallula
IL0792 Tamaroa
IL0793 Tamms
IL0898 Tampico
ILl125 Taylorville
IL1278 Teutopolis
IL0796 Thackeray
IL0797 Thebes
IL0798 Thomasboro
IL0799 Thompsonville
IL1313 Thomson
IL0800 Tilden
IL0801 Tinley Park
IL0802 Tioga
IL0803 Todds Mill
IL1233 Toledo
IL0928 Tolono
IL1160 Tonica
IL0805 Topeka
IL0806 Tower Hill
IL0807 Trenton
IL0808 Troy Grove
IL0963 Tuscola
IL1225 Union Center
IL1314 Union Grove
IL0815 Urbana
IL0816 Valmeyer
IL0818 Vandalia
IL1178 Varna
IL0819 Venedy
IL0820 Vera
IL0821 Vergennes
IL0822 Vermont
IL0823 Versailles
IL1114 Victoria
IL0824 Vienna

Stock No. Map Name
IL0972 Villa Grove

IL0944 Villa Grove NW
IL0827 Viola
IL1129 Virden North
IL0828 Virden South
IL1140 Virginia
IL1315 Wacker
IL0830 Wadsworth
IL1261 Wakefield
IL0831 Walnut
IL0833 Walnut Hill
IL0834 Walpole
IL0835 Walsh
IL0836 Waltersburg
IL0837 Walton
IL0838 Waltonville
IL0839 Ware
IL0840 Warren
IL0959 Warrensburg
IL0841 Warsaw
IL0842 Washburn
IL0843 Washington
IL1122 Wataga
IL0844 Waterloo
IL0845 Waterman
IL0846 Watseka
IL0847 Wauconda
IL0850 Waukegan
IL1131 Waverly
IL0853 Wayne City
IL0854 Waynesville East
IL0855 Waynesville West
IL0856 Wedron
IL0857 Weldon East
IL0858 Weldon West
IL0859 Welge
IL0860 Wellington
IL0971 Wenona
IL0862 West Chicago
IL0864 West Frankfort

Stock No. Map Name
IL0865 West Kankakee
IL0866 West Point
IL0867 West Salem
IL0868 West Union
IL1221 Westfield East
IL1227 Westfield West
IL0869 Wheaton
IL1264 Wheeler
IL0871 Wheeling
IL1170 Whitefield
IL0872 Wildcat Lake
IL0960 Willeys
IL1113 Williamsfield
IL0873 Williamsville
IL0874 Willisville
IL0876 Wilmington
IL0877 Wilton Center
IL1143 Winchester
IL0879 Windsor
IL0880 Winkle
IL0881 Winnebago
IL0882 Wolf Lake
IL0883 Wood River
IL1269 Woodbury
IL0885 Woodhull
IL0886 Woodlawn
IL0887 Woodstock
IL1316 Woodworth
IL0888 Worden
IL1155 Wyanet
IL1173 Wyoming
IL0890 Xenia
IL0891 Xenia NE
IL1250 Yale
IL0957 Yates City
IL0892 Yorktown
IL0894 Yorkville
IL0895 Yorkville SE
IL0896 Zion